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The Klangkörperverwaltung is an organization of orchestras and ensembles of chamber music under the direction of Mag. Art Wolfgang Göllner.

The organization has existed since 1989 and is in charge of the central management and organization of diverse ensembles and music groups.



The Klangkörperverwaltung also manages all sort of events and national and international cultural projects from the conception and planning stage, right up to their realization.

Examples of the most professional and successful work of this organization are such events as the “Mozart Gala di Verona” in 1991. Since its founding, the Klangkörperverwaltung has carried out no less than 28 CD-productions and guest performances from around the world .


“The administration of concert tours to the “Dresdner usikfestspiele” and the “Mozart Gala Verona” were planned and carried out by Mr. Wolfgang Göllner in a perfect and more than competent way.”
Internationaler Festspielservice
(Georg Manhardt-Mannstein)

“I am obliged to Mr. Wolfgang Göllner due to his most reliable cooperation not the least based on his outstanding international connections with musicians and agencies. Future projects will be followed up by me with great interest”
Agentur Contemp Art
(Alexander Herrmann)

“In my opinion I have found a first class manager, based on my longstanding experience and relationship with Mr. Wolfgang Göllner, which has been defined by great seriousness and reliability.”
Johann Strauß-Ensemble
der Wiener Symphoniker

(Wolfgang Schuchbauer, Geschäftsführer)

“Reliability, the diplomatic and sensitive dealings with the soloists, musicians along with the organizational talent in general, as well as the necessary talent of improvisation: these are the characteristics Mr.Göllner stands for.”
Künstlerforum – Wien (Gert Meditz)

“Because of Gs. Violin credentials and numerous engagements in first class orchestras and ensembles he is able to make clear, efficient and competent decisions to defined schedules and I am therefore greatly obliged to his skills. This view is shared by the most honored conductor of the “Wiener Mozart Akademie” Lord Menuhin himself. In the last few years I have conducted about 50 CDs for diverse labels. The planning and execution of these productions would have been impossible without Wolfgang Göllner know-how and untiring dedication. I have been impressed by his humanity and great versatility.”
Dr. Johannes Wildner

„Concerning the big success of the Japan Tour by the Vienna Mozart Academy in January ’90, I would firmly believe it is owing to Mr. Goellner’s great effort as the manager of this tour. The procedures were well carried out, the tour management was excellent and he won the reputation from the members of the orchestra. Mr. Goellner is now showing his ability for the preparation of the next tour, - this time with the Johann Strauß Chamber Orchestra (Jan.’92), which surly will lead to another success. I do highly appreciate Mr. Goellner’s talent as a manager.” Konzerthaus Japan Co
(Masayuki Kobayashi, Managing Director)